General Pricing Information

Home Inspection Pricing

Pricing for a home inspection is based on the square footage of the home, the type of home and other factors. These factors provide an indication of what I will encounter during the inspection.

Check, cash or Credit card payments accepted.
CC payments require a surcharge of 3.5%.
(That is what they charge me for the transaction)

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Radon Testing Pricing

With inspection: $150.00
Without inspection: $200.00
Crawl space inspection requiring tyvek suit and mask: +$40.00
Re-inspections: $150.00 (may be more depending on distance)

Inspections requiring HQS or SELP forms to be filled out are an additional $25.00 if done onsite and we are informed ahead of time, form must be provided by buyer or buyers agent.
HQS or SELP form requests requiring a return visit are $125.00

Unattached garages and out buildings? New Construction Inspection? Please contact us for a quote.

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